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Sylvain Brunel

My name is Sylvain Brunel I am 34 years old, I joined Takao Sensei's Dojo about a year and a half ago so I could go with my son Ryoma who's twelve now and has been at the dojo for three years.


This was not really one of my idea but more of my wife who with some kind of jedi trick, made me sing up for the Saturday family class.

I could not be happier about that decision I was forcefully helped to make.

But since than, Ryoma and I share a common passion, and I go to the class any time my works allows it.

Ryoma help me with my Kata since he has a higher belt level than me.

We run to the park on Sunday to exercise, increase our stamina and perfect our sparing technique.

The greatest bonding is when one of us feels like karate as taken us physically and emotionally to a point where we want to give it up.

We will support each other, break the wall we face and move forward and this is a great feeling for any growing child or adult.

Of course Ryoma and I from time to time, get words of wisdom from our jedi wife, mother.


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