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In September 2006 I started karate at the Astoria Oyama karate dojo.

My children who are half Japanese have always been interested in martial arts and we tried a number of different places.


However, most of them were overly commercialized and were more like entertainment clubs than martial arts.

In fact, even the children reacted to the attitudes of these schools.

After an extensive search we decided to try the family class at the Astoria dojo.

We knew immediately that we had found the right place.

Masa sensei is a sincere instructor of karate who takes his art seriously and is a very good teacher.

The classes are serious without being too overly "dictatorial".

The children excelled and enjoyed it and I got addicted.

So, as a family activity, I can strongly recommend Oyama karate in Astoria.

In my own case, I have now increased from one lesson per week with children to taking karate at least four days a week when I am not traveling.

Ronny fight

I have competed at relatively high levels in both swimming and ice hockey and I am quite experienced in all racket sports; however, I have not experienced a sport that has so many varied positive sides to it.

Oyama karate provides great training for stamina, strength, strategy and importantly for people in their late thirties and early fourties, flexibility.

Furthermore, it is intellectually challenging.


The training is more demanding that I understand to be the norm for most other forms of karate but you are also rewarded by a very wide ranging form of exercise.

Over all, this is one of the greatest activities that I have ever been involved in and I can strongly recommend Masa Sensei and the Astoria dojo.
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