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Courageous Spirits,Spirits of Compassion

The children who come to train at the dojo

each have different personalities, dreams and goals.


Aggressive children, quiet children, older, or younger,

they all differ by type or even by age.


More than anything, Astoria Oyama dedicates

itself to classes where children learn freely.


However that doesn't mean that we merely indulge when training.

astoria child

Before you know it you'll have noticed that you've become a little stronger.


This instance is the first step of children developing

a passion to learn karate.


Along these lines, through fun times and strict times, we bring out their emotions and enable them to build a little self-confidence.


There are parents that worry that their kids

will become violent through karate.


But by knowing pain through sparring, they will inversely

remember to control their power and emotions.


Also, karate is called an individual sport but through habitual fights and practicing an exchange of blows they develop a strong sense of camaraderie and trusting relationships with their companions.


It's not about remembering the pain that they inflict upon their opponents, it's about engendering the courageous spirit that possesses the bravery to stand and face a strong opponent and conversely, the gentle spirit that is kind to a weak opponent.


As soon as they have registered your children

will have grown beyond recognition.


It's not an issue of becoming stronger, it's that in continuing anything, you develop your heart and body.


The Dojo (Karate School) is as it's said.


It's not about understanding various things it's a place

where we can learn throughout our entire body.


Especially in the case of Japanese children,

living in today's international society

it's valuable to be educated on the culture

and tradition of their mother country.


In addition, there are parent-child classes every Saturday.


When children register for our classes,

there are many mothers and fathers who get excited and

register themselves after watching their children practice.


In a fight, parent-child communication increases!


Because it's based on the adult class, it is best suited for adults who would like to practice at a more relaxed pace.


Class Makeup(Family class)

Beginning of class. Hit with all your might.
Basic Training
Face the mirror and punch, tightly clench you fists!
Basic Training
Face the mirror and kick, higher!
Mitt practice
With a partner holding mitts for you, put your all into your skills.
free fightfighting class
Free Fight
At the end you are free to bring out you skills in a free fight.
The class begins and ends in meditation.

Class schedule


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