Astoria Karate offers you a martial arts lifestyle 35-10 Astoria Blvd S , Astoria, NY 11103. 917-374-3606

Class description

Astoria Oyama Karate

Class Description


Child Karate

Develop fortitude, endurance, and heightened focus through basic techniques, forms, sparring training, nurturing the spirit of respect and a feeling of gratitude.
We teach discipline and simple karate for young children.

Adult karate

General training such as basic strikes and kicks, forms, fight technique training, and sparring.

For the beginner's class we advance at an especially easy and relaxed pace.
General students are welcomed to participate.

Kihon Karate

Founded in basic skills.
Setting aside one's merits, the class stresses plenty of strikes and kicks.
Focusing on basic, this class emphasizes repetition of strikes and kicks.

Family class

A class where parents and children can practice together.
Because it's based on the adult class, it is best suited for adults who would like to spar at a more relaxed pace and children who can be assisted by parents.

Fighting class

Aimed at gaining fighting skills by going through many light sparring sessions.
This training includes light face contact.
Training is conducted with relaxed clothing in a free flowing class with background music.
Beginners and above may participate.

Power Karate

Aimed at advancing basic body strength through mitt training and reinforcement.
This class is a requirement for those participating in tournament.

Kata, Weapon class

Practice original Oyama Karate katas and weapons (Bo-stick, tonfas, nunchakus).
Orange belt and above may practice.



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