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Martial Arts Lifestyle

The core members of Astoria Oyama are a group of adults,
men and women.

Most are working adult holding a job with responsibilities
but in the dojo they are passionate students working up a sweat.

People who have previously trained at other schools,
people who say that they've wanted to try it before,
everyone gets along, and studies hard in training.

Not making excuses about being busy,
they make time and attend the dojo but in fact
there are many that say they have reorganized their lives
and individually enjoy training at their own pace.

In our daily lives, though not often, we yell from the pit of our stomach, do things to get us psyched, and sing karaoke in to release stress.

But isn't there something closer?

After training, everyone has a look of refreshment.

adult fight

When we don't do anything out physical strength drops with our age, but by continuing to train, we can increase our vitality and strength.


If you're worried about body fat, Karate has the potency of a fat burning diet, and is an effective exercise.


Getting into Karate, while training you'll become slim,
and toned changing your structure before you know it.

In class, there is an atmosphere of laughter and harmony
between the rigor.

We enjoyably train together, men and women.

If you hit a guy with all your strength, it's such a refreshing feeling!
(Rest assured that the reverse will not happen.)

Empty your mind and sweat like you never have before.

Let go of the stresses of work
and the annoyances of personal relationships.

Do you have what it takes to return to your natural self ?


Class Makeup

Spiritual Focus. Clear your mind of idle thoughts and have faith in training.
Basic training
Practice skills facing the mirror.
Mitt practice
With a partner holding mitts for you, put your all into your skills.
Skill practice
Perform offensive and defensive skills in a set pattern and safely acquire techniques.
free fight��fighting class
Free Fight
At the end you are free to bring out you skills in a free fight.
All who participate on that day will compete against all members.
Fighting class.
Outside of the general karate class clothing is unrestrained.

Class schedule


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