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Karate,the Japanese way

Astoria Oyama Karate


Karate, the Japanese way

In the prosperity brought from the recent martial arts boom, in November 2005 we established Astoria Oyama Karate with the thought of presenting Japan's prided culture of karate to you.

In America, so many martial arts schools exist to the point that it could be called overcrowded.

Even more so than Japan, the home of martial arts, the number of schools in the US are staggering.

Depending on the school, the contents of the curriculum will be completely different.

Some have appealing content or stress practicality,some value tradition,or some specialize in kids karate and diversify.

The only thing that is the same is the word 'karate.'


Under these conditions, how can an average person decide what is the best choice?

The motto of Oyama Karate is "Just Sweat!!"

With Oyama Karate, there's no mystery to our training.


First, until your heart is clear you will strike, kick, and shout from the depths of your lungs.

As you let go of complicated notions and immerse yourself in training, you will see the world with fresh eyes.

In martial arts this is called "zen in motion."

Since ancient times spiritual seeker sit in Zen meditation in order to rise above self(achieve enlightenment).

The path of karate is a one of character forming, polished through the traditions of Japanese culture.

Similar to intensive karate training, you immerse yourself in training, forgetting your job and even the irksome relationships in our day-to-day lives.

After training, even when we feel troubled, problems become insignificant and can be handled with calm.

It's hard to change the exhilarating feeling one experiences after training.

Soshu summer camp

At Oyama Karate, Masahiro Takao, the heir to karate, personally chosen by Shigeru Oyama and trained by him , supervises all classes.

The class curriculum has been cultivated through trial and errowr over 20 years, utilizing the know how of karate proficiency.

Regardless of age, sex, or difference in physical power, beginners and even veterans are trained through result producing practical know how in a short amount of time.


Oyama Karate offers you a martial arts lifestyle that isn't just a mere diversion or stress reliever like gyms or fitness clubs.


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